Arizona RV Salvage


​​​​​​​Got Junk?

Let us walk you through it.

First, RVs are titled property in the State of Arizona. If you are the legally titled owner, we might be able to help dispose of an end stage RV in an environmentally friendly manner.  Vehicles cannot be delivered or dropped until accepted by the management.

Once the title is in your hand, we will need information sent to our EMAIL at disposal@azrvsalvage.com 

1. Where is the RV's physical location?
2. Pictures of the exterior AND interior
3. What is the year, make and model?

4. Does the RV drive, does the RV run?


Special considerations:

Canadian vehicles must be registered in the US.

* If the RV has been abandoned by its owner, please call your local police to report the abandonment.  After they search for the owner, they can declare it legally abandoned.  We are not legally able to remove or transport vehicles without the owner's express permission.

* If you're looking for a sale, please try Craigslist or OfferUp. There is usually $800 in fluid draining, recovery, towing, and dismantling costs.  Please also factor in time and cost involved in disposal.